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1 x 10 Litre Drum Prov-WM 4000x (0.2 micron filtered)

1 x 10 Litre Drum Prov-WM 4000x (0.2 micron filtered)

AlgaBoost Prov-WM is a 4000x concentrate of Prov-WM medium for culture of marine algae.

To Make:     
    40,000 litres seawater
+    10 litres 4000x Prov-WM
=    40,000 litres Prov-WM

Nutrient Balance: When added to seawater according to the accompanying instructions, the combined parts of this formulation will provide the following nutrient levels:

Nutrient Final conc per litre (g/l) 
NO3- 28 mg
NH4+ 0.06 mg
PO43- 1.033 mg
Cl- 0.13 mg
Fe2+    0.10 mg
Mn2+    0.078 mg
Co2+    0.0025 mg
Zn2+    0.01 mg
BO33- 2.13 mg
Na+   11.1 mg
SO42-    0.49 mg
Thiamine HCl    0.04 mg
Vit B12    0.000875 mg
Biotin    0.004 mg

Formulation: Prov-WM (4000x) is formulated as described by West & McBride (1999) but is more concentrated & uses sodium hydrogen phosphate in place of B-glycerophosphate.

Reference: West, J.A. & McBride, D.L "Long-term and diurnal carpospore discharge patterns in the Ceramiaceae, Rhodomelaceae and Delesseriaceae (Rhodophyta)": Hydrobiologia 398/399: 101-113, 1999

Suited to: Commercial Aquaculture Facilities, Algae Culture Labs, Research Organisations and University Teaching Labs.